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Bridget and Dominck - from Longford County to the Oxnard Plain
WEP was commissioned to produce this forty-nine minute documentary on the McGrath family, an Irish pioneer farming family who arrived in 1870 to Ventura County. (2006)

Oxnard, The Changing Face of an American City
- a sixty-nine minute documentary on Oxnard starting in the 1890’s with the development of the sugar beet and founding of the city, the slow growth of the city in the early years, the effect of WW II on the population along with stories on Achille Levy, Lucy Hicks, William Soo Hoo and concludes with a roundtable discussion on the future of Oxnard. (2003)

Courage and Contribution, The Chinese in Ventura County - a fifty-three minute documentary which looks at the arrival of the Chinese in Ventura during the 1860’s, their expulsion from Ventura and move to Oxnard and proceeds to the election of William Soo Hoo as the mayor of Oxnard in 1966. (2004)

The Moment - a thirty minute documentary featuring Aram Saroyan as he questions several individuals who describe an epiphany that helped shape their life. (2002)

That Country Feeling - an eighteen minute documentary which focuses on the agriculture industry in Ventura County post World War II as seen through the eyes of three farmers: farming pioneers Bob Pffeiler and Dick Maulhardt along with Boskovich Farms president, Joe Boskovich. (1998)



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"The Moment"
The Moment
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